“共享”原则:共享展览秉承“全面共享”的理念,邀请“共享策展人”与“共享艺术家”进行展览生产,选择非艺术类“共享空间”进行展出,并根据该空间原有功能邀请“共享观众”。展览的目标观众将主要为主办方、主办方的家人、朋友等。遵循共享原则: 1/2 艺术爱好者、偶尔艺术爱好者和顺便艺术爱好者。

策展人与艺术家通过社交与知识技能共享平台,例如微信、在行及知乎等,邀请策展人与艺术家利用他们的时间盈余与知识盈余进行策展与创作。参考共享知识平台“在行”的专家约见机制,屏幕间通过微信为策展人、艺术家提供 500 元人民币,策展人与艺术家选择采用自己任意闲暇的 2 小时内完成创作。


In response to the “sharing economy” in China, the Sharing Exhibition series proposes a production process with “shared” curators and artists, and exhibits at “shared” spaces for “shared” audiences. The target audience of the exhibition is dilettantes, part-time art lovers, occasional and “by-the-way” art aficionados. In their creative process, curators and artists follow the methodologies of knowledge sharing platforms and only work for this exhibition in their idle time, mining their idle knowledge base.

The exhibition takes the form of a portable digital screen on which seven artists’ works are displayed. The screen arrives at its hosts via courier services. The hosts will follow a guidebook which breaks down a traditional exhibition setting procedure in a lightweight fashion: “exhibition setup” (putting the screen on the wall), “opening reception” (asking friends for a party), “symposium” (having at least one participant), and “press coverage” (posting on social media sites). The exhibition tours in private spaces within a timeframe of five weeks.